Maryland and District of Columbia Divorce

What are the types of Divorce in Maryland and the District of Columbia?

There are two types of divorce—ABSOLUTE and LIMITED.

An Absolute Divorce completely undoes the marriage and entitles both parties to remarry; marital property to be divided, and alimony (if applicable) to be awarded.

A Limited Divorce (or legal separation in the District of Columbia) is essentially a separation from “bed and board” where the parties live separately and do not cohabitate under the same roof for a specified period. With a limited divorce, the parties are still legally married so they cannot remarry or divide property but are entitled to alimony on a temporary basis.

What are my options
in filing for Divorce?

Going through a divorce of any kind can be burdensome when considering all of the physical and emotional division that comes along with it.

There are requirements that must be met before either party is even entitled to file for Divorce. Therefore, obtaining a competent Maryland or District of Columbia Divorce attorney is essential.

If you are filing for Divorce in Prince George's or anywhere in Maryland or DC, let the Murphy Law Firm help you legally end your marriage.

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I would highly recommend Angel Murphy as an attorney. She answered my emails and questions very fast. She also answered my phone calls every time, if she didn’t then she call back the same day. She also won my custody case! I would hire her again.



Overall the services Ms.Murphy provided were beyond my expectations.The results speak for them selves, she fought this battle alongside myself, and without her I don’t think I would have ever gotten this far. I am forever grateful for Ms. Murphy, she is my ATTORNEY!


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