What Happens in A Trial Strategy Meeting?

Published on
February 19, 2023
Written by
Angel Murphy, Esq.

In filing for any type of FAMILY MATTER, Sometimes you just need assistance!

In cases like

📌an uncontested divorce

📌an ongoing child custody case

📌a false contempt case

I can assist you in going through the preliminary of what defending your own case or representing yourself looks like.We can have a 1:1 conversation about

👉🏾What to expect

👉🏾What to present

👉🏾What objections may arise

You can send me documents and I can review them for you. We can walk through them all.

Allow Murphy's law to work in your favor! Contact my office today!☎️ 240-493-9116 🌐 www.amurphylegal.com➡️ https://Bookme.name/amurphylegal//

Angel Murphy

Personable. Passionate. Persistent.

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