What's the Diffference Between A Judge and A Magistrate

Published on
February 19, 2023
Written by
Angel Murphy, Esq.

In general, magistrates and judges have the same judicial presence, but with slightly different roles.

🔎Same general authority at hearings, ruling on objections, and determining the outcome EXCEPT

🚨A judge has more power than a magistrate

🚨Appealing the decision of a judge, requires the filing of the appeal with the next highest court with more time to do so

🚨Appealing a decision from a magistrate, requires a party to appeal it to a Circuit Court judge through a process called exceptions and do so within a very short window of time after recommendations are issued (10 days).

📍In Maryland, a MAGISTRATE

📌is appointed by the Circuit Court for the county where they are located

📌is usually an attorney with an extensive amount of family law experience

📌takes testimony from parties and conclude the main issues present and submit findings to a judge for final approval

Whether your pending Maryland Family Law cases are before a judge or a magistrate, having an experienced Maryland family law attorney can be essential to the overall outcome of your case.  

➡️ You need an experienced Maryland Family attorney who will advocate on your behalf. He/She has to ensure that your case has been prepared to go before a magistrate, and ultimately, a judge.

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