Godparents And Their Legal Role

Published on
November 22, 2020
Written by
Angel Murphy

As parents, next to our immediate family whom we trust our children to be on others’ watch is the Godparents. And they also have a distinctive role especially when something happens with the parents. Initially, being a godparent is sometimes a responsibility and accountability that you’re entrusted for.  However, there’s also one thing that parents sometimes don’t consider along the process. That is the legal consequences for children after the process is done. This does not mean that when something happens to the parent, the godparent will replace.


This happens mostly for children in the event of the death or disablement of their parents. Now, a godparent, to most people has obtained through a religious ceremony. Usually, through the church or whatever religious ceremony practices, you have. The children are Christian, and then the godparents are present and in the ceremony. They become the godparents. I think a lot of people do not consider even parents. The process known as legal ramifications for children although you in the eyes of your religion have officiated the godparent ship there is no parenting established legally. What I mean is if something happens to you, the court will not necessarily defer to the person who you named as godparents.  That they who automatically serve in the role of parents.

Consulting with an attorney about making official godparents that you’ve established through your church. I suggest as from my experience, doing this legally is a difficult process. I advise that you do it at the onset while everyone is alive and well. And have it already officiate it through the proper channels.

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