Abiding By Court Orders During Covid19

Published on
January 7, 2021
Written by
Angel Murphy

Abiding court orders usually happens when a decision made unilaterally by a parent who’s incapable of submitting himself or herself to the orders made by the court.

Hello, everyone!  For today’s Murphy Law Monday, I want to touch on a very important topic surrounding our current circumstances of Covid-19. Specifically, I want to advise everyone out there, that regardless of your feelings of Covid-19 and keeping the child. And not allowing them to go with the other parent. Or what have you, your own sentiments about the virus? If there is a court order in place, you need one hundred percent to abide by it. There is no caveat or carve-out for your concerns. From the court’s perspective, even while they are operating with limited services in the District of Columbia. Almost to back to full, normal capacity in Maryland. It is very important that you are abiding by this court order.

It is no defense to the court that you believe that the other party has been around certain people. Or you believe that the child shouldn’t be in the car or the child shouldn’t be going from here to there. From the court’s perspective, they will fully enforce court orders during this time. And the last thing you want to do is be right in front of a judge. As soon as the court doors open back to normal. I don’t think it’s a good idea to kind of push your own sentiments about the virus onto the child or onto the other party.

My advice, one hundred percent, abide the court order in the cases that I have where emergencies are filed. Because one parent is unable to see the child, that’s not going to be deemed an emergency from the court’s perspective. Unless the child is in some type of safety or there’s a concern that they are going to be taken out of the state of Maryland or the District of Columbia.

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