Consulting An Attorney Before Marriage

Published on
January 26, 2023
Written by
Angel Murphy

If you think about all the advice you’ve received when it comes to marriage over the years, you’re not likely to find a whole lot on the importance of consulting an attorney before marriage.Most people are aware of the need to hire an attorney in the event of dissolution. But only a few are aware of the benefits of consulting an attorney prior to marriage. In this piece, we will go over a few reasons why consulting an attorney before marriage can be very helpful here in Maryland.

Benefits of Consulting an Attorney Before Marriage

One thing a pre-marriage attorney consultation can do is alert you to the benefits of a prenuptial agreement. If you’re getting ready to marry, you’re probably familiar with prenups. But there is a good chance that you’ve picked up mistaken impressions about prenups too.Many people assume that prenuptial agreements are “devices of the rich” designed to selfishly guard resources against untrustworthy partners. The truth is that these tools can be very useful for just about everyone.Essentially, prenuptial agreements enable spouses to predetermine certain outcomes on property division, alimony, and other areas. If you don’t predetermine these things with a prenuptial contract, the financial consequences can be quite harsh.For instance, you may end up having to split a huge chunk of your resources that you otherwise would’ve been able to preserve; or, you may end up having to service a hefty alimony bill. Whatever the circumstances may be at the beginning of your marriage, there is no question that a prenuptial agreement can be potentially useful in the vast majority of situations.

You Need to Understand Clearly the Requirements & Process of Divorce

A bright person once said: “it should be harder to get married than get divorced.” Historically, getting divorced has been a bit difficult. For a very long period of time, divorces were not easy to obtain. Now, the divorce process is different, and in some ways, it is more streamlined.But those contemplating marriage also need to realize the difficulties and challenges involved in a divorce. Even though Maryland family law no longer requires "fault", spouses still have to grapple with all the requirements. Residency requirements, jurisdiction, paperwork, documentation, fees, costs, etc.If they decide to part ways, Consulting with an attorney prior to marriage can alert you to all these potential challenges and can be highly beneficial if you ultimately decide to obtain a divorce.

You Need to Know the Financial Implications of Divorce

Knowing about the financial implications of divorce is as useful as knowing about its requirements and process. An attorney can very clearly and carefully spell out all the financial ramifications. Property division, alimony or spousal maintenance, child support (when applicable), the benefits of mediation or private resolutions, and so forth.If you don’t have a grasp of the financial aspects of divorce, you can end up feeling overwhelmed if you begin this process at some point.

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