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Civil Protective Orders and Their Benefits

What is a civil protective order?

Domestic violence places the victim in a position where they are subject to the constant control and abuse by their significant other; these acts—whether physical or emotional affect all facets of the victim’s life, as the abuse becomes a means to take and unavoidably takes away the victim’s autonomy and independence. Most states give victims of domestic violence the opportunity to seek civil protection orders to assist in ending the abuse without requiring that the accusations be grounded in criminal activity. A major advantage of a civil protection order is that it allows victims the opportunity … Continue reading

Grandparent and Third-Party Rights in Maryland Custody Cases


The State of Maryland has a general presumption that a minor child’s welfare is best served in the care and custody of their natural or adoptive parents. The court further presumes that a child’s parents are in the best position to determine who has access to and is entitled to visitation with their minor children.

The Standard

For a grandparent or any other non-custodial party to obtain custody and/or visitation against the will of the natural parent, there must be a showing of an exceptional circumstance (i.e., that no visitation or custody by the grandparent or third party has … Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Maryland Expungements

What is an expungement?

An expungement is the legal process of removing a criminal record from public inspection. Maryland allows records to be expunged from Motor Vehicle Administration files, police files, and court files. Although generally thought of as universal, each expungement process and agency is different and has different requirements to guarantee that the files are properly removed. Which means even if you expunged your record with one agency, it could still be viewed by the public through a different agency. To successfully expunge a record from all the files, there needs to be an application submitted for an … Continue reading

Facebook in Family Court Matters: Tips for Posting and Sharing

Facebook in Family Court Matters

Facebook’s Role in our Lives

Facebook is an online social media platform that allows users to interact, link, communicate, and partner with other users from around the world. Through photo uploads, status updates, and videos, users can keep-in-touch with family, friends, professional colleagues, and acquaintances. Facebook has captivated the society as we know it; with nearly two billion users worldwide, it is no wonder why this social media powerhouse has found its way into a majority of educational, societal, and cultural spaces. Therefore, it is important to know how your social media use can impact you in family court.

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Maryland Traffic Ticket Violations–What You Need to Know

Traffic Ticket Violations

Although traffic violations are sometimes thought to be minor in severity, a traffic ticket in Maryland may carry penalties that can affect your long-term driving record and, in some cases, your freedom. This blog is designed to review some of the most common traffic ticket types in Maryland, the points they carry, and some of the long-term effects that a traffic ticket may have on your driving record and other facets of your life.

Most Common Moving Traffic Violations in Maryland and the Points They Carry Below is a list of the most common moving traffic violation in the … Continue reading

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