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Any matter involving the family can be life changing on all persons involved. The Murphy Law Firm will strive to keep your goals at the forefront and keep you aware of how those goals align with the law.

When you are faced with criminal prosecution, you need a dedicated trial attorney who is willing and ready to zealously advocate on your behalf. We will work to get the best possible outcome for your criminal matters.

Our firm offers Notary Services of all types in the State of Maryland. Contact our office today if you are interested in having an important document signed and witnessed. Our notary services are provided in-house at our firm.

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Angel M. Murphy, Esq.

Personable. Passionate. Persistent.

Angel Murphy is the Founding Partner of The Murphy Law Firm, LLC. As a licensed Maryland attorney and passionate advocate, Angel takes a personal approach to lawyering by devising a creative legal strategy for each client and for each case.

Angel enjoys helping her clients face and overcome their legal challenges. She identifies with her clients, and will work tirelessly to ensure that they are treated fairly in the courtroom and that their case gets the best possible outcome.

Angel focuses her practice in criminal law and family law. Specifically, Angel handles matters involving drug possession, DUI/DWI, traffic citations, handgun charges, divorce, child visitation, child support, alimony, domestic violence, and custody.

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Don’t put your case in the hands of just anyone. The Murphy Law Firm is the firm you can trust to treat you with honesty, operate with integrity, and get the job done.


Understand Your Case

We take the time to understand your case and your needs to build a strong legal foundation moving forward.



We evaluate your chance of success and look for advantageous settlement options for you.


Fight for Justice

If settlement is not an option, we fight with all our strength to bring you the outcome you desire!


Honest Evaluation

You will always receive an honest evaluation of your case with us.


We Operate With Integrity

Our clients are our number one priority and we strive to serve each client with integrity in every aspect.


We Get Results

When you put your faith in us, we will fight tooth and nail to make sure your interests are protected!

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Maryland Parenting Plans

As the holidays quickly approach and the year is getting ready to come to an end, parties involved in custody and divorce matters involving minor children need to have a solid plan for where and with whom the children will be.

What is a parenting plan in Maryland and how does it work?

A Maryland parenting plan is an agreement between the parents—later approved by the court—that provides details about when the child will be with each parent, and the nature of the relationship between the parties as it relates to their child. For example, where will the child be … Continue reading

Civil Protective Orders and Their Benefits

What is a civil protective order?

Domestic violence places the victim in a position where they are subject to the constant control and abuse by their significant other; these acts—whether physical or emotional affect all facets of the victim’s life, as the abuse becomes a means to take and unavoidably takes away the victim’s autonomy and independence. Most states give victims of domestic violence the opportunity to seek civil protection orders to assist in ending the abuse without requiring that the accusations be grounded in criminal activity. A major advantage of a civil protection order is that it allows victims the opportunity … Continue reading

Grandparent and Third-Party Rights in Maryland Custody Cases


The State of Maryland has a general presumption that a minor child’s welfare is best served in the care and custody of their natural or adoptive parents. The court further presumes that a child’s parents are in the best position to determine who has access to and is entitled to visitation with their minor children.

The Standard

For a grandparent or any other non-custodial party to obtain custody and/or visitation against the will of the natural parent, there must be a showing of an exceptional circumstance (i.e., that no visitation or custody by the grandparent or third party has … Continue reading